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Dutch Courses via Skype

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Dutch Courses via Skype

Taalbureau TX-T offers Distance Learning or E-Learning Courses:

* Tutorials by a native speaker via Skype;
* Enjoying the convenience of studying from anywhere over the Internet.
* All levels, from complete beginner to advanced;
* Special courses and workshops (speaking skills, pronunciation, 'Staatsexamen');
* Individual or small-group tuition.

The standard rate is €32.50 per 40 minutes for private lessons and €19.50 per person per 40 minutes for small groups (3-6). The price includes all course material.

Please note that in some cases VAT (21%) may be due; please contact Taalbureaut TXT to find out if you are required to pay VAT or not.

The following time slots are available:

  • Tuesday 9.00-9.40

  • Tuesday 9.45-10.25

  • Tuesday 10.30-11.10

  • Tuesday 13.30-14.10

  • Tuesday 14.15-14.55

  • Thursday 9.00-9.40

  • Thursday 9.45-9.25

  • Times are all Central European Time. Other timeslotes may be available. Feel free to ask.

    For more information or for booking a timeslot, please fill in the contact form.

    → If you can't wait to get started, have a look at our Online Exercises.


    Participants from the following countries have enrolled on one or more Dutch courses taught by Taalbureau TX-T since 2009:
    Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde Islands, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Sweden, UK and US.